Broadway Variété "La Rakete" - 2017


A dinner variété in an old vaudeville tent from 1947 touring 6 months in 5 cities in Switzerland.

We do not just extend your horizon, we fly beyond it, and take off from the world into the universe of unlimited joy.  Finally, we are floating in the infinite universe and thoughtfully leave the deepest levels of human existence behind us.  Together we will shoot beyond the target, lose the ground, but do not worry, we are the stars and get you out of here.  A great step for humanity, but only a small step for you.  Take your courage together and travel with us through the universe of raised cabaret.  In the meantime, you will have a chance to enjoy three fine culinary heights prepared by our interstellar delicatessen cosmonauts.  The oeuvre immersed in a light sea will literally hurl you from our seats under our atmospheric star tent.


“Broadway Variété, as always, is charmingly absurd and full of hand-made charm. Cosmic.”
-Clarissa Rohrbach, “Tagblatt Zürich”

“It seems incredible, the performance by Madame Aruhu (Laura Lippert, USA), who pulls herself by the hair, gracefully maneuvers between two galaxies and according to the crew, “skims past reality”.”
-Martin Mühlbach, “Kanton Zug”



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