Gynoïdes - 2016

is a contemporary circus performance, a sci-fi circus tale that bends, stretches and twists the way we look at women.

Meet the GYN♀IDES – In a fictive laboratorial universe between times a chorus of women with hyper natural bodies and futuristic technological devices are on a quest for freedom. Poking with a smile at the nature of femininity, GYN♀IDES is an all girl power act, a mixture of poetry, acrobatic virtuosity, a gentle riot, and an ode to the power of women!

World premiere was on January 6, 2016 at Orionteatern, one of Sweden’s most avant-garde stages.


“The all-girl power act is a mixture of poetry, acrobatic virtuosity and a gentle riot featuring a group of international elite circus artists. The show explores new forms of artistic expression in circus art through the use of motion capture technology, enabling performers to interactively control the sounds by means of their own body.”
-Peter Steen-Christensen, “Totally Stockholm”

“So much muscles, magic, grace and unpredictable humor… Pippi Longstocking would love this.”
-Pia Huss, “Dagens Nyheter”

“As in the introduction, when Laura Lippert sits on a chair that slowly hovers her braids like a jump rope; the strength of Lippert’s hair beats Simsons as shown in the suggestive final where a traditional discipline, hair hanging, gets new shape.”
-Anna Ångström, “Svenska Dagbladet”


Photos by Einar Kling Odencrants “EKO” and Ben Hopper